An unrepentant road dog, Anderson’s touring career has never wavered, as he and his crack band play
to packed houses filled with “the most loyal fans anybody ever have, and I do indeed appreciate them
supporting our music for all these years,” he says. “Their love of the music, has only gotten better.”
He adds that it’s still a thrill when he hears the words, “Ladies and gentlemen, John Anderson,” and
marvels that, more often than not, the crowds stands up and cheer on just those words. “That’s
something in my younger days I never really dreamed I’d see,” he says with a laugh, “a standing ovation
before ever you ever open your mouth. Man, sometimes you just want to wave and smile real big, ‘thank
you very much, I don’t guess we can beat that. That was great, God bless, and thank you, have a good


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