In a way, Edwin McCain began sowing the seeds of Mercy Bound, his tenth album and debut for 429 Records, seven years ago. The songs comprising Mercy Bound are the fruits of an on-again, off-again collaboration with fellow singer/songwriter Maia Sharp that began in 2004 with their lovely duet “Say Anything.” Since co-writing and tracking that song, McCain and Sharp have kept up their friendship and creative partnership. They decided to make Mercy Bound their first full-album collaboration.

And that collaboration has offered McCain, some 20 years into his career, a chance to try something newnot only with someone who’s worked with everyone from the Dixie Chicks to Art Garfunkel, but also someone who had an eerie habit of being able to get deep inside his head, he says with a laugh.

In the Lounge

Matt Corbin

Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of WNC, I cut my teeth playing the bars of a college mountain city and fell in love with the honesty and gruesome storytelling of bluegrass troubadour. Thanks to my Rock n Roll Preacher Dad, I became a fan of great singer/songwriters long before I decided to join the fray… As a wanderer and a road warrior, I have met many heroes and fallen in love with angels… I love life and love writing about it. I’ve played with hit makers and with troubadors and with genuine, southern outlaws! I thank God for Johnny Cash, the Blue Ridge Mountains, moonshine, Miller High Life, Mama and music!


Edwin McCain Don Gibson Theatre

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