Sitting outside a Nashville coffee shop soaking up the sunshine on a
golden Indian summer afternoon, David Cook wears the contented smile of
an artist in the midst of a creative renaissance. Much has happened since he
won the seventh season of American Idol in 2008 and subsequently made
chart history with a record-breaking 14 debuts on Billboard’s Digital Songs
chart from his eponymous platinum-selling RCA Records debut.
These days the talented rocker with the fiery vocals and searing
songwriting skills has entered an exciting new chapter marked by a
newfound creative freedom and the maturity that comes with having a lot of
life thrown at you. In the wake of Idol, Cook endured an emotional
rollercoaster marked by career highs mixed with the devastating personal
tragedy of losing his beloved brother Adam to brain cancer. He toured
relentlessly and released his second RCA Records album, This Loud
Morning, but when the dust settled, he found himself craving a major
change. He discovered what he was looking for in Nashville’s songwriting
community and relocated to Music City in June 2012.



I am a fan of David Cook and have a question. Most of his shows are GA, but this is assigned seats. There is always a crowd lining up hours before the show even for assigned seats shows.
If this happens, will we be able to access our seats without chaos? I want to know if we will have to stand for hours…

I am 69 and cannot stand for that long. Just wondering what you do when a crowd gathers hours ahead of time. His fans do that. I want to be able to get to my seat!

No Problem. We will be seating at 7:30 pm in the main theatre.

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