Two unique movies filmed in and around Cleveland County will premiere at
The Don Gibson Theatre on October 11, 2014

A raffle will also be held after the screenings benefiting The Cancer
Research Institute with prizes from both the movies and local and regional retail establishments.

A truly great cause, so please follow the link and purchase generously.

Purchase Raffle Tickets Here


Athena is a layered character study containing elements of horror, science fiction,
drama, and a touch of dark comedy.

It’s about Carl, whose life has crumbled, and who now exists as a shell of a man.
His wretched existence is punctuated by the loss of his wife and all of the emotional
scarring that has created.

It’s also about Emily, who is not well herself. She may be slightly schizophrenic and
manic depressive, but she’s doing fine in general… stable job, active social life.
Things could be better if only she had Carl.

There is hope, however. Hope in the form of a voice which appears to Carl, then to
Emily. That voice is Athena, but is she merely manipulating the situation, or is she
genuinely attempting to help these two people? Life is messy, and she could be
making things worse.

Athena on IMDB

Worldly Possessions

Stephen Drake’s sworn duty is to stop the demons from entering our world. But
when a brutal murder brings Stephen back to his hometown, he spirals into a
hellish nightmare where he faces a few demons of his own and where escape
may not be an option.

Worldly Possessions is the second collaboration between director/cinematographer
Robert W. Filion and writer Brad Hord and is the follow up to last year’s horror/sci-fi
short, Mosaic 33. This outing is a highly atmospheric journey into the demonic
underworld and boasts a top notch cast and crew. Worldly Possessions will have
you walking a tightrope between reality and fantasy until the credits roll.

Worldly Possessions on IMDB


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